Heat Gun

  • PERFORMANCE : Delivers up to 16 CFM at 1020°F
  • VERSATILITY : 2-speed blower settings
  • CONVENIENCE : Selectable temperature dial with number settings
  • COMFORT : Rubberized handle and stand
  • INCLUDES : Blow molded case with bit storage

About Model

The HG551V is engineered for industrial applications and is ideal for pendulum welding, heat shrinking, soldering copper tubes, plastic pipe forming, edge banding, paint stripping, adhesive and film removal, and more. The HG551V is engineered with precision balance and a pistol grip, with a rubberized handle for greater comfort and the lowest weight in its class (only 1.3 lbs.). It has a variable temperature control dial (180° - 1,020° F) with numbered settings, as well as 2-speed blower settings (8.8 and 16 CFM) so the user can set the heat and blower speed to the application. Once the setting is selected, the thermocouple control maintains precise temperature.

Durability features include an optimized air intake around the motor engineered for longer motor life, and a ceramic core to protect the heating element for longer tool life. For added convenience during nozzle changes (nozzles sold separately), the integrated rear stand supports the gun in the "up" position. Makita offers a range of nozzle-accessories for the HG551V including two different surface nozzles and a reflector nozzle (nozzles sold separately).


  • Variable temperature control dial (180 - 1,020°F) with number settings for precise control over a wide variety of applications
  • Ideal for stripping paint and varnish, thawing frozen metal pipes, loosening tile and putty, re-melting adhesive, vehicle wraps, and more
  • Compact 1.3 lb. design features a rubberized pistol grip handle and an integrated rear stand
  • 2-speed blower settings (8.8 and 16 CFM) for greater versatility
  • Thermocouple control maintains precise temperature
  • Ceramic core protects the heating element for longer tool life
  • 3 different nozzle accessories are available (3" surface, 3/8" reflector, 3/8" reduction) for increased versatility
  • 6 ft. cord length for maneuverability
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Includes a tool case


  • (1) Tool Case
  • Specs

  • Air Temperature (var. speed) : 180° - 1,020° F
  • Air Volume (2 speed) : 8.8 and 16 CFM
  • AMPS : 12
  • Watts (AC only) : 1,400
  • Overall Length : 9"
  • Net Weight : 1.3 lbs.
  • Max. Air Volume : 16 CFM
  • Temperature Control Dial : Yes
  • Shipping Weight : 3.6 lbs.
  • UPC Code : 088381-604802
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