Cordless Lighting

Light Up Any Job Site

Cordless Lighting Solutions

Increase visibility and productivity with Makita® Cordless L.E.D. Lighting Products. From handy flashlights to tall tower work lights, Makita offers durable task lighting for demanding conditions. Each work light features dust and water-resistant construction for continued operation. Makita® Lighting Products provide bright and portable illumination that helps get the job done in low-light conditions.


Get cordless illumination for the task at hand with Makita Flashlights, Lanterns, Spotlights and Headlamps. These compact lights can be carried or worn for the ultimate portable solution. Task lights are ideal for a variety of applications including electrical, plumbing and HVAC work, automotive repairs, and more. Makita Task Lights deliver bright illumination, portability, and convenience.


Makita Area Work Lights will light up your job site without the high heat of halogens. Built for daily use, these efficient L.E.D. area lights utilize fast-charging Makita batteries to illuminate work areas with reliable, cord-free lighting. Use Makita® Area Work Lights for convenience, portability and bright output.


Makita Tower Lights and Site Work Lights provide efficient task and area lighting without the high heat of halogens and incandescent lights. Tower lights combine far-reaching illumination with convenience and portability. They extend up to seven feet high with pivoting heads for overhead lighting and reduced shadows, and they easily fold for quick set-up and takedown. Site work lighting delivers cord-free illumination throughout the job site for maximum convenience and efficiency.


Get the most out of your Makita Cordless L.E.D. Lighting with compatible accessories including stands, hooks and cables. Makita Light Stands and Strap Hooks allow you to position lighting where you need it most, keeping your hands free. Makita Lighting Accessories attach easily to compatible Makita Lights, and are made of durable materials for long performance life.