• LXT® Lithium-Ion

    Tool users who unplug the cord with Makita 18V LXT® experience new levels of convenience, efficiency and productivity. Makita created the 18V Lithium-Ion cordless tool category in 2005, and today it is the world’s largest 18V cordless tool line-up. Makita’s leading technology gives tool users unmatched performance and breadth of line, with innovation in motor and battery technology that is obliterating industry standards – and leaving old thinking behind. With high amp-hour batteries, efficient brushed and brushless motors, and 18V X2 LXT® (36V) technology, Makita 18V LXT® tools not only meet corded demands, they can exceed the performance of corded, all while remaining in a single cordless platform powered by the industry's fastest-charging 18V lithium-ion batteries. [Learn More]

  • Star Protection Computer Controls™

    Makita cordless tools are engineered for industrial applications, and for added protection during the most demanding jobs Makita created STAR Protection Computer Controls™. STAR is communications technology that monitors conditions during use, allowing the tool and battery to exchange data to protect against overloading, overdischarging and overheating. If STAR detects conditions that threaten to overload, overdischarge or overheat the tool or battery, the tool will automatically stop. At that time the user can either restart the tool, change or charge the battery, and put the tool back to work. When you slide a Makita 18V LXT® battery with the STAR symbol onto a Makita tool that has either the STAR symbol or a yellow terminal, you are benefitting from STAR Protection Computer Controls™.

  • Active 3 Controls

    When the battery and charger exchange information, the result is a more efficient charging process. Makita created Active 3 Controls, communications technology that monitors key conditions of the lithium-ion battery during charging. With Active 3 Controls the battery and charger communicate through the built-in chip inside the battery and exchange information to monitor and control current, voltage and temperature. The efficient management of these three conditions is engineered to help optimize the charging process, so your battery spends more time working and less time sitting on the charger.

  • XPT™ Extreme Protection Technology

    When the job takes your Makita tool into harsh conditions, Makita Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™) provides added protection. XPT™ is a series of integrated seals engineered to channel away dust and water for increased durability. Wherever the job takes you, Makita tools equipped with XPT™ are engineered for increased durability and longer tool life.

  • Advanced AVT®

    Advanced AVT® enhances Makita Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT®) with a 3-component system that sets new standards in vibration reduction, with no compromise in performance. The Air Actuated Counterbalance moves counterweight pistons in the opposite direction of the drive piston to actively reduce vibration. The Vibration Absorbing Housing isolates the rear and side handle, reducing vibration for the user. And the Integrated Damper Spring is engineered to absorb impact vibrations from the drill bit. [Learn More]

  • MM4® 4-Stroke Engine

    Engine seizure due to improper fuel and oil mixing is one of the most common failures of 2-stroke power equipment. Makita has a solution with efficient MM4® 4-stroke engine power equipment. The Makita MM4® 4-stroke advantage means no more fuel mixing for simplified operation and no need for a separate mixed oil-fuel can. In addition, Makita MM4® 4-stroke engines are engineered for lower noise, improved fuel economy, reduced exhaust, and faster, easier starts for increased efficiency. MM4® 4-stroke power equipment includes a concrete power cutter as well as blowers, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, pole pruners, and more. [Learn More]

  • SJS® - Super Joint System

    SJS® Super Joint System is a mechanical clutch system that helps prevent motor and gear damage in grinders if the wheel is forced to a stop. The drive shaft from the armature to the drive gear is spring-loaded during normal grinding load. If binding occurs or the wheel is forced to stop, the spring is compressed allowing the drive shaft to slip. The gear tension is minimized while the armature continues to rotate, which helps prevent motor burn-out. SJS® is a mechanical clutch system, not elecronic, so the grinder does not require a re-start if the wheel binds. [Learn More]

  • Big Bore™

    Compressors equipped with a Big Bore™ piston, cast iron pump and heavy duty crankshaft deliver faster recovery time and higher CFMs for more efficient nailing and fastening. The Big Bore™ piston and cylinder are larger than those in standard compressors, so they compress more air on each stroke. The result is increased compressor efficiency, faster recovery, and lower RPM for reduced noise. [Learn More]

  • Automatic Speed Change™

    Automatic Speed Change™ is technology that adjusts speed and torque for optimal performance, even in the most demanding applications. During operation, if the tool is put under heavy load, Automatically Speed Change™ detects the added demand and applies more torque and speed to finish the job. Makita cordless tools with Automatic Speed Change™ are engineered to deliver corded performance, without the cord.

  • Quick Shift Mode™

    Precision fastening applications often require the user to stop or slow down the impact driver just prior to driving the screw into place to ensure there is no damage to the fastener or work piece. Quick-Shift Mode™ is the solution for precision fastening. Quick-Shift Mode™ is an automatic electronic controller that downshifts and reduces rotation and impact speed prior to driving the screw into place. It is engineered to minimize screw thread stripping, screw breakage and damage to work. Makita impact drivers equipped with Quick-Shift Mode™ are ideal for precision fastening applications, from cabinetry to solar panel installation, and more.

  • DXT™ Deep and Exact Cutting Technology

    Deep and Exact Cutting Technology (DXT) is a series of features that give Makita miter saws more cutting capacity and out-of-the-box accuracy for superior cutting performance. The innovative direct drive gearbox and guard system utilizes a portion of the back of the blade for significantly more vertical cutting capacity when cutting baseboard and nested crown molding. In addition, the direct drive gear box has no belts to slip or replace, so power is transferred more efficiently from the motor to the blade. The patented 4-steel rail sliding system with 6 linear ball bearings is engineered for minimal deflection for smooth, dead-on cuts for lasting accuracy, job after job.

  • Impact GOLD®

    Standard insert bits are lagging behind the increased fastening power of high torque impact drivers, and the result is more broken bits and more wasted time for contractors. Impact GOLD® is the new Gold Standard in impact driving, with high quality steel for extra strength and Xtreme Torsion Technology which allows the torsion section of the bit to flex under load and take pressure off of the tip for longer bit life. Impact GOLD® is exclusively designed for use with high-torque impact drivers, and is engineered to last up to 10x longer than standard insert bits and fastening accessories. Impact GOLD® offers an expanding line of insert bits and bit holders as well as double-ended power bits, nutsetters, impact sockets and socket adapters. [Learn More]

  • 12V max CXT® Lithium-Ion

    CXT® is the next generation in 12-volt max cordless tools. 12V max CXT® gives users a more compact solution with more comfort and more capacity. The slide style lithium-ion batteries provide superior ergonomics and comfort, and allow go-to tools like the impact driver and drills to stand up on their own for added convenience. Select 12V max CXT® tools are equipped with efficient brushless motors for longer run time, increased power and speed, and longer tool life. For even longer run time, the expanding 12V max CXT® platform includes an efficient 4.0Ah battery.

  • AVT® Anti-Vibration Technology

    Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT®) is a counterbalance system inside the tool that significantly reduces vibration. The AVT® counterbalance design is based on seismic engineering, which developed this damping science to absorb shocks and protect buildings from earthquakes. AVT® uses a mechanical damper, effectively a counterbalance weight inside the tool, that provides an equal and opposite force that puts a mass directly opposite the point where the striker bolt delivers the impact. As vibration is eliminated, power is efficiently increased which allows more of the generated energy in the motor to be delivered to the tool bit. Makita also has an AVT® counterbalance system in select recipro saws. For users, AVT® means significantly less vibration with no compromise in power and performance. [Learn More]

  • SJS™II

    Excessive vibration in a power tool is wasted motion which may affect a worker’s comfort level and, ultimately, productivity. Makita is bringing unprecedented levels of vibration reduction to the grinder category with the exclusive SJS II™ Technology. SJS™ II is a leaf spring and cam gear drive mechanism that is engineered to reduce vibration for increased operator comfort during extended use. It works by transferring the vibration through the wheel accessory spindle and onto a CAM component. The vibration causes the a cam to press against the leaf spring and absorb vibration for increased operator comfort. [Learn More]

  • HP™ - High Pressure

    For more consistent nailing results through all types of lumber, including dense engineered materials, the Makita High Pressure compressor and nailers are the solution. Makita High Pressure Technology dramatically increases air pressure delivered to pneumatic nailers. The result is a more compact nailer with less weight that delivers more consistent nailing results. Makita High Pressure is ideal for a wide variety of soft, hard and dense materials, from siding to engineered lumber including LVL, OSB, and glue lam.

  • Oil Impulse™

    Impact drivers achieve high fastening torque with a small hammer-and-anvil mechanism, and Makita Oil-Impulse™ Technology is the solution for reducing excessive noise during fastening applications. Oil Impulse™ Technology utilizes an oil bath in the hammer-anvil mechanism that significantly dampens noise. Makita Oil Impulse™ Impact Drivers are ideal for lower-noise fastening in enclosed spaces, low-noise environments, and occupied spaces.

  • Push Drive™

    Push Drive™ Technology delivers increased efficiency, longer run time and lower noise for drywall fastening . With Push Drive™ the motor starts only when the fastener is engaged with the work piece, so battery power is used more efficiently for significantly longer run time. Contractors benefit from less downtime charging batteries, and from a quieter work environment since the motor runs only during fastening.

  • ImpactX™

    ImpactX™ is an impact-rated bit built specifically for the demands of the professional contractor. Professionals require commercial duty bits that can endure the force from high-volume screw driving applications with high torque impact drivers. Standard screwdriving bits are brittle and fit poorly in fasteners, and in applications with high torque impact drivers this losing combo quickly leads to broken bits. ImpactX™ hits back with improved fit in fasteners and increased performance with high torque impact drivers. Precision machined (not forged) tips ensure full contact, while performance-optimized and heat-treated S2 steel not only provides more flex but also more durability than standard, brittle bits. [Learn More]

  • Magnesium

    Framers and carpenters need cutting solutions with power and performance -- not extra weight. Makita circular saws with Magnesium components are engineered for less weight with superior balance and durability. Magnesium circular saws deliver consistent performance with less weight for cutting sheet and dimensional lumber.

  • Ultra Premium Diamond Blade

    With Makita Ultra-Premium Diamond Blades, cutting concete just got easier. Features like a reinforced core for reduced noise and vibration, M-shaped segments for reduced friction, and an exclusive 3-dimensional diamond grid pattern are built for unparalleled performance and speed, so you get faster cuts with less vibration. Makita Ultra-Premium Diamond Blades are also engineered for longer performance life. It's the perfect concrete cutting accessory for your power cutter.

  • Xtract Vac™

    There is a growing demand for solutions to reduce the amount of concrete and wood dust on job sites and in workshops. The Makita XTRACT VAC™ is at the center of the Makita dust extraction system, with an expanding range of dust collection accessories and attachments for use in drilling, cutting, grinding and planing applications. The XTRACT VAC™ combines top performance metrics with lower noise, less weight, and an optional Certified HEPA main filter system that meets or exceeds the Department of Energy’s standard for HEPA filters. For added convenience, the innovative blow-back filter cleaning system is engineered to extend the life of the main filter, the number one maintenance cost associated with job site vacuums. [Learn More]

  • AWS™

    Makita takes another step toward a truly cordless job site with Auto-Start Wireless System. AWS™ uses Bluetooth® technology for wireless power-on and power-off communication between the equipped tool and dust extractor. AWS™ is intelligent communication that eliminates cords and excessive noise since the dust extractor runs only when trigger-activated by an AWS™ tool. When the trigger is released, the dust extractor powers-down. The Makita AWS™ dust extractor (XCV08Z) is powered by two 18V LXT® batteries for maximum performance, and users benefit with an expanding AWS™ system that includes cordless tools for concrete, metal and woodworking.