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The expanding LXT® System includes 18V and 36V lawn mowers, string trimmers, blowers, chain saws, brush cutters, pole saws, and more. For pro landscapers and homeowners alike, this means more battery-powered options to replace gas equipment for top performance with lower noise, less maintenance and zero emissions. With more than 60 solutions, LXT® is the world’s largest professional cordless Outdoor Power Equipment system powered by 18V lithium-ion slide-style batteries.


  • No Gas No Mixing
  • Instant Starts
  • Reduced Maintenance



The high-torque 120 millimeter brushless motor is the largest and most powerful brushless motor in the Makita cordless system. This engineering powerhouse can be found in select LXT® lawn mowers for consistent, constant cutting – even when the job takes you into the rough.


Makita string trimmers with direct drive have a powerful brushless motor positioned on the trimmer head – not at the other end of the shaft. This means up to 30cc* of gas-equivalent power is transferred directly from the motor to the trimmer, so you can quickly take out weeds and grass without the noise and emissions of a gas trimmer.

*Compared to Makita 2-Stroke Gas Model EA3201SRBB


Makita created an outer-rotor brushless motor specifically for use in battery-powered chain saws. The power, speed and efficiency generated by this engineering innovation is equivalent to the performance of a 32cc* chain saw for fast cutting and more cuts per charge.

*Compared to Makita 2-Stroke Gas Model EA3201SRBB

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*in 2024

Makita LXT® is the world’s largest cordless system powered by 18V lithium-ion slide-style batteries. Fast-charging LXT® batteries are compatible with over 325 products including 18V and 36V power tools and Outdoor Power Equipment, as well as lighting, dust extraction, job site apparel, and more. Each day LXT® products go to work on job sites and in workspaces across America and around the world, and they’re powered by proven battery and motor technology that helps pro contractors, pro landscapers and users of all kinds work more efficiently.


  • lawn mowers list
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Makita® Lawn Mowers offer top performance in self-propelled and push models, so you get efficient grass cutting and mulching without the noise and emissions of a gas mower

  • string trimmers list
  • String Trimmers
  • For trimming and edging, LXT® String Trimmers combine efficient cutting performance with the convenience of battery-powered operation.

  • blowers list
  • Blowers
  • Clean-ups just got easier with LXT® Blowers. They combine top performance with lower noise that’s strongly preferred in both residential and commercial spaces.

  • chain saws list
  • Chain Saws
  • For demanding tree-cutting jobs, Makita's Cordless Chainsaws are ready to work anytime, anywhere.

  • hedge trimmers list
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Makita® Cordless Hedge Trimmers feature superior balance, and are engineered for top performance with the blade speed and run time to get the job done.

  • power heads list
  • Power Heads
  • LXT® Power Heads and the expanding range of compatible attachments cover a full range of landscape applications including trimming, cutting, cultivating, clean-ups, and more.

  • wheelbarrows & dollies list
  • Wheelbarrows & Dollies
  • Transport materials and landscaping supplies with ease using LXT® power-assisted wheelbarrows and flat dollies.

  • power sources list
  • Power Sources
  • Get longer run time with this portable power supply. The power supply backpack provides up to 4X the run time with 18V LXT® Products and 2X the run time with LXT® X2 products.

  • earth auger list
  • Earth Auger
  • Dig consistent holes with the cordless earth auger. It delivers power that’s equivalent to a 36cc gas-powered model, but without the hassles of gas.

  • pole saws list
  • Pole Saws
  • LXT® battery-powered pole saws deliver the reach and performance of gas-powered models for cutting, trimming and pruning applications, but with lower weight and no gas hassles.

  • brush cutters list
  • Brush Cutters
  • LXT® Brush Cutters are engineered for tall grass, weeds and overgrowth. LXT® battery and motor technology gets the job done but with lower noise, less maintenance, zero emissions and no pull starts.

  • grass shears list
  • Grass Shears
  • After cutting and edging the grass, give the lawn a manicured look with LXT® Grass Shears. The dual action shear blades and compact size make them ideal for precision trimming around edges and in tight spaces.

  • power cutters list
  • Power Cutters
  • Hardscape contractors rely on power cutters for cutting brick, stone, block, steel pipe, and more. LXT® Power Cutters deliver top performance but with no fuel mixing, no engine maintenance, lower weight, zero emissions and no pull starts.

  • sprayers list
  • Sprayers
  • LXT® Backpack and Handheld Sprayers provide efficient distribution of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers. LXT® motors deliver immediate and consistent pressure, eliminating the need for manual pumping.


  • 40V | 80V max XGT
  • XGT® is new system of 40V | 80V max cordless equipment and tools. XGT® is engineered to outpower, outsmart and outlast the rest.

  • Commercial output ConnectX
  • The solution for longer run time and all-day work. For use with ConnectX™ products, as well as 40V XGT® and 36V (18V X2) LXT® products.

  • Outdoor power equipment accessories
  • Makita® has a complete line of accessories, so you can get the right solution for your Outdoor Power Equipment.