18" 61 cc Chain Saw

  • PERFORMANCE : 4.6 HP engine in a compact saw (weighs only 13.2 lbs.) for a high power-to-weight ratio
  • EFFICIENCY : Easy Start spring-assisted starter for quick starting with less force
  • DURABILITY : Heavy-duty cartridge air filter system for improved durability
  • CONVENIENCE : Touch & Stop single lever control shuts off engine with just a touch
  • INCLUDES : 18" Guide bar, 18" saw chain, chain cover

About Model

The Makita 18” 61cc Professional Chain Saw (EA6100PREL) combines a high power-to-weight ratio with easier starts and less vibration for a full range of applications. The 61cc engine delivers 4.6 HP, with an Easy Start spring-assisted starter, and heavy duty air filter system for extended filter life and improved durability. The Touch & Stop single-lever operation is engineered for immediate shut-off for added convenience. Additional features include an easy-to-clean chain compartment for efficient clearing of chips, even when rip cutting, and the advanced vibration dampening system that is engineered to reduce vibration.


  • Easy Start spring-assisted starter with optimized engine management for quick starting with less force
  • Powerful 4.6 HP Stratified Air Scavenging engine for lower emissions and improved fuel efficiency
  • Magnesium housing for improved durability and less weight (only 13.2 lbs.)
  • Heavy-duty cartridge air filter system for extended air filter life and improved durability
  • 13,800 RPM with fast acceleration for more efficient cutting performance
  • Compact design engineered with smooth rounded surfaces for easy cleaning and operator comfort
  • Touch & Stop single lever control shuts off engine with just a touch
  • Slide-out baffle can be configured for efficient cold weather operation
  • Two point durable inertia/mechanical chain brake
  • Chain compartment is easy to clean and clears chips away efficiently
  • Lateral chain tensioning for easy adjustment
  • Advanced vibration dampening system engineered to reduce vibration
  • Floating rim sprocket for easy maintenance and improved chain life



  • Engine Displacement (cu.in./cc) : 3.7 cu.in. (61 cc)
  • Power Rating : 4.6 HP/3.4 kW
  • Max. Engine Speed : 13,800 RPM
  • Standard Guide Bar : 18"
  • Pitch : .325"
  • Gauge : .050"
  • Fuel Mixture : 50:1
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 27 oz.
  • Oil Tank Capacity : 16 oz.
  • Net Weight (w/o bar & chain) : 13.2 lbs.
  • User Type : Professional
  • Chain Saw Feature : Heavy duty air filter
  • Chain Saw Configuration : Bar/chain in box
  • Power Type : 2-stroke gas
  • Chain Selection : .325 x .050
  • Shipping Weight : 13.25 lbs.
  • UPC Code : 088381-394659
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