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7" Diamond Blade, Segmented, General Purpose

7" Diamond Blade, Segmented, General Purpose

  • DESIGN : Constructed with high-quality diamonds and a steel core
  • EFFICIENCY : Optimum bond matrix engineered for fast, smooth cutting and a long working life
  • PERFORMANCE : Segmented rim incorporates slots to deliver a fast, cool cut
  • DURABILITY : Laser-welded segments offer joint strength
  • INCLUDES : 7" Segmented Rim General Purpose Diamond Blade
7" Diamond Blade, Segmented, General Purpose

About Model

The Makita 7" Segmented Rim Diamond Blade is ideal for general purpose cutting applications including block, brick and cured concrete. The segmented slots are engineered to deliver a faster yet cooler cut. Diamond blades are part of Makita's growing line-up of solutions for concrete applications.


  • Optimum bond matrix provides a faster, longer, smoother diamond blade
  • Superior quality steel core
  • Laser welded to ensure strongest joint possible
  • High quality industrial diamonds
  • Segment slots help deliver a faster, cooler cut in multiple applications
  • Ideal for cutting block, brick and cured concrete
  • For use wet or dry
  • Includes a diamond-style punch-out arbor adapter that fits 5/8", 7/8" and diamond-style arbors


  • Blade Diameter : 7"
  • Arbor (diamond blades) : 7/8", 5/8"
  • Application (diamond blades) : Cured Concrete, Block, Brick
  • Rim Type : Segmented
  • Tool Compatibility : Angle grinder, Cut-off Saw, Circular Saw
  • Shipping Weight : .79 lbs.
  • UPC Code : 088381-313629