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Monday, March 8, 2010

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Black Stallion Update Feb 19-21, 2010

Black Stallion clean sweeps in Wilkes-Barre PA!

The Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey plaza was host to this week\'s monster competition for Michael Vaters in the all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion and teammate Trey Myers in the Iron Warrior. The field of competition also included Grave Digger (Randy Brown), El Toro Loco, Bad Habit/Anger Management (Joe Sylvester), and American Guardian (Rick Raab).

Friday night started with the Sky Wheelies event. Black Stallion had a 3-way tie with El Toro Loco and American Guardian with a score of 22 in the wheelie competition and a "secret" judge determined the tie breaker, giving the win to American Guardian. Iron Warrior received a respectable 18 for its wheelie effort. Next up was the racing competition. Black Stallion defeated teammate Iron Warrior and then buried Grave Digger in the semi-finals. The all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion left El Toro Loco behind as he crossed the finish line and took the first racing victory of the weekend. A new obstacle was added to the freestyle track, consisting of a van and a couple of cars stacked together to allow the trucks to get bigger air. The Black Stallion got major air from the obstacle and the crowd roared its approval, but it was not enough to impress the judges and the win went to Grave Digger.

Saturday started off with a bang as the all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion received a score of 27 in the wheelies competition and the judges crowned the Thunder National King with the win. Next up was the racing competition. Vaters in the all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion had the quickest run in qualifying with a time of 2.37. Black Stallion got a bye when Anger Management suffered from mechanical problems. The Iron Warrior lost to Grave Digger and came back as the fast loser against Vaters in the Black Stallion. Vaters beat his teammate, heading to the finals against El Toro Loco but Loco took the win by mere inches. Myers in the Iron Warrior started off Monster Freestyle with major air but on his second jump landed hard, taking out an axle. Vaters in the all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion hit each obstacle at every possible angle as the crowd roared with excitement. It was close but Grave Digger squeaked by with the freestyle win, putting Black Stallion in second. Trey was eager to make up for lost time from breakage as he piloted the Warrior skyward, scoring a 20 for his big time wheelies. Vaters and the Black Stallion demonstrated gravity defying wheelies and got the biggest air with the longest air time of the weekend so far. The crowd went crazy and the judges scored him a 27, giving him yet another win. Black Stallion came in second to Digger in the racing qualifier. They both worked their way through the elimination rounds to face off in the finals. The all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion crossed the finish line first, making it the second win for Vaters that night. In Freestyle, Myers and the Iron Warrior hit each obstacle time and again, scoring a 20. Vaters blasted out of the pits and headed straight for the main obstable, launching the 10,000 pound Stallion skyward. The crowd roared with approval as Black Stallion ripped through the track. Vaters earned a score of 25, giving him the freestyle win and a clean sweep of wins for the night.  

Vaters was on fire heading into the last event on Sunday afternoon. The all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion reached impossible heights for the clean sweep of wheelie events this weekend. The Black Stallion also made its way through the racing rounds to take down El Toro Loco in the finals. Vaters put on a stellar run in the last freestyle competition but Grave Digger took home the win. The all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion had one of the most successful weekends of the 2010 first quarter of competition. Vaters earned 1 freestyle win, 3 out of 4 wheelie wins, 3 out of 4 fastest qualifying times, and 3 out of 4 racing wins.



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