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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Black Stallion powers through rain and mud at the West End Fair…

Vaters’ Monster Motorsports was back at the West End Fair on August 28th.  It was like Déjà because like last year the rains came in hard and heavy throughout the entire show.  The fans in Gilbert PA stuck it out under the covered grandstand and had a blast watching the trucks slide around the track and splash through the mud.  The all star monster truck lineup included; Michael Vaters in the all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion, Jim Koehler in Avenger, Trey Myers driving the Iron Warrior, Chris Bergeron in Brutus and Jay Snyder behind the wheel of the Screamin’ Demon monster truck. 

The event started out with the monster sky wheelie contest.  All of the drivers did an excellent job considering the difficulty they had getting traction in the soupy mud.  The wheelie competition was about the only portion of the night the spectator got to actually see the body of the trucks because the rest of the night they indistinguishable because of the mud covering them.  The trucks got two hits each and got some amazing air as the spectators cheered on. 
The monster truck racing was Chicago Style over the salvage cars.  The slick track made the racing even more exciting as real driving skill was needed to know when to let off the throttle to allow the monster tires to hook up and slide around the corners and when to put it to the floor to gain your momentum back to clear the cars.  Michael Vaters in the all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion was lost out to Brutus in a photo finish in the first pair. 
In monster freestyle the trucks were already coated with mud and were pretty much indistinguishable from each other except for Brutus who could be identified by its dog ears on top of the cab.  The drivers each used the slick track to their advantage getting incredible speed in the cyclones.  The crowd loved it all and yelled and cheered.  Each driver that came out soared higher slid farther and splashed though the muddy water as the rains continued to deluge the track.  It was clear that Michael Vaters in the all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion put on the most extreme and daring exhibition by far and secured the monster freestyle win form the ecstatic crowd. 
After all the autographs were signed and the spectators left the Black Stallion crew had quite a muddy mess on their hands. 
Stallion & Warrior back at the Buck!
Buck Motorsports near Lancaster PA has all types of motorsports events each weekend of the summer like mud bogs, tough trucks, tractor pulls and demo derbies.  It also has put on monster truck events for quite some time and long time monster truck driver Mike Vaters in the all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion has been competing there just as long.  Saturday night August 29th Vaters’ competed along with teammate Trey Myers in Iron Warrior, Randy Moore in War Wizard and Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter. 
The timed single racing event was won by Bounty Hunter with a 5.44 and coming in second was Michael Vaters in the all Ford Powered K&N Makita Black Stallion with a 5.66.  In side by side racing action Trey in the Warrior pulled off an easy victory against War Wizard.  The next pair was to be Vaters in the Stallion against Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter.  As Mike pulled to the line he noticed that his rear steer self centering wasn’t working properly.  The track is very narrow at the Buck with spectators sitting on both sides of the competition area.  Vaters pulled off the line and forfeited the race because it wouldn’t have been safe to run.  The Bounty Hunter won by default taking a bye run.  Michael Vaters went back to the pits and was able to fix the problem to later come back for freestyle competition. 
The monster freestyle action was wild and crazy this summer night with the stands packed full of wound up fans cheering and pounding their feet in anticipation of the completion.  All the trucks pulled out their best stuff soaring higher, landing harder with some close calls and expert last minute saves.  In the end when all the dirt settled the winner was long time veteran Michael Vaters driving the all Ford Powered K&N Black Stallion dominating as the reigning king of carnage. 
The Stallion team loaded up and headed out for home to get ready for another double header the following weekend…..Friday September 4 at the Great Geauga County Fair in Burton OH and then on to the North West Missouri State Fair on Sunday afternoon.



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