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Friday, August 28, 2009

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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Black Stallion team has monster fun at Adventure Park USA

On August 15th Michael Vaters took the Ford Powered K&N Black Stallion & the Iron Warrior to Adventure Park USA in New Market MD.  Both trucks and both jet 4-wheelers were on display to draw the kids out to the park for one last hurrah before school started.  The Stallion felt right at home in the old west themed park.  Adventure Park was nice enough to invite Michael’s family and the consensus was unanimous that Adventure Park USA rocks!!!
Vaters’ Monster Motorsports’ Monster Invasion in Winchester VA!
Michael Vaters not only drives the Black Stallion and Jet 4-Wheelers he also produces entertaining family motorsports events.  Vaters brought in all the heavy hitters to this show along with driving the Stallion the other trucks in the lineup were; Avenger driven by Steve Koehler, Chris Bergeron in Brutus, Trey Myers in Iron Warrior, Jay Snyder behind the wheel of the Screamin’ Demon, Tim Bee in the Killer Bee and Tim Mente in the Storm Damage monster truck.  The event was scheduled for two evenings Friday and Saturday.  Friday night the show was rained out with some dangerous thunder storms moving through the area.  It looked like Saturday was going to be rained also as it rained all day but the system passed and the show went on to a full house of monster fans.
The evening started out with the wheelie contest.  Each driver put big air under the trucks but the most impressive was Michael Vaters in the Ford Powered K&N Black Stallion who took the wheelie win.
The track was a bit wet from the all day rains but the track crew was able to whip it into shape.  Round one racing paired up the Iron Warrior against the Killer Bee with Trey Myers in the Warrior moving on to the next round.  Brutus beat Screamin’ Demon in the second pair.  Michael Vaters driving the all Ford Powered K&N Black Stallion taking the racing win away from Avenger.  Avenger came back as fast loser to move on to the semi-finals after beating Storm Damage.  Iron Warrior was hot tonight and beat out Brutus to move him into the finals.  The Black Stallion won against world champ Avenger which paired him up against his team mate Trey Myers in Iron Warrior in the racing finals.  The wet track worked out well for Trey Myers in the Warrior while everyone else was spinning at the start his gearing allowed the truck’s tires to hook and gain him the racing win of the night over the Stallion in the finals. 
The freestyle competition was more exciting as the trucks skated across the track getting big air off the cars.  The cyclone donuts were faster as the 700 lb tires slid the trucks in circles.  The spectators roared their approval as each truck came out in turn and raised the bar higher for the following driver. Michael Vaters driving the Ford Powered K&N Black Stallion rocked the house with his wild and crazy exhibition and took the freestyle win.
Sunday was a scheduled rain date so the stands weren’t as full as Saturday night.  With the sunny skies and the dry dirt track the crowd enjoyed one of Vaters’ best shows of the season.  The wheelie contest was the first competition of the day and the drivers were pumped.  The crowd cheered as each truck in turn seemed to reach even higher after launching off the cars.  In the end Chris Bergeron in Brutus took an easy win as he launched skyward off the cars came down bounced and popped a wheelie driving it down the length of the track. 
Trey Myers in the Iron Warrior following suit from the previous night took the round one racing win from Storm Damage.  Screamin’ Demon lost to Brutus and Michael Vaters in the all Ford Powered K&N Black Stallion beat out Avenger.  In the semi-finals of racing Brutus beat the Warrior and moved onto the finals.  Screamin’ Demon was on a mission and took out Michael Vaters in the Black Stallion and moved onto the finals.  The Demon went on to take the racing win for the afternoon when he beat Brutus in the finals.  Jay Snyder took a victory lap leaping over the cars and waving at the crowd.
Freestyle action was high and tight as the drivers maneuvered the huge trucks demonstrating their driving skills.  The trucks powered up just before hitting the car stacks launching the monsters skyward.  Each truck put on an exciting exhibition getting huge air and pulling off last minute saves.  The Avenger wasn’t so lucky though in the “last minute saves” department as he flipped the truck over towards the end of his exhibition.  Michael Vaters driving the Ford Powered K&N Black Stallion took the second freestyle win of the weekend.
The Black Stallion team heads out for another Vaters’ Monster Motorsports’ event at the West End Fair in Gilbert PA on Friday August 28 and then on to Buck Motorsports in Lancaster PA on Saturday August 29, 2009.



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